Super-Air Tyre Inflation System

Most people do not know how or when to properly inflate their bus or truck tyres because they have not been properly trained. This can result in dangerous over-inflation or under-inflation conditions which at best will damage your tyres and at worst can cause a deadly accident. Incorrect tyre pressure is the key reason for premature disposal of tyres.

How does the Super-Air Tyre Inflation System Work?

The Super-Air  tyre inflation system monitors the pressure of the tyres and warns the driver - through an audio-visual alarm on the panel -  of a low pressure situation. An alarm audio-visual instructs the drive to activate the system. When the system is activated, the driver can then open the passage of air (regulated by the control panel of the calibrator) which then sends air from the compressor of the vehicle directly to the tyre with low pressure.

The driver should then seek a safe place to stop and repair the tyre before he continues. 

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  • Extends the useful life of your tyres;
  • Proper inflation ensures less drag, thereby saving fuel;
  • The vehicle is more stable reducing the likelihood of accidents.

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