Higer Buses and Coaches

Higer Bus Company Limited was established in 1998 and is currently the number one bus export company from China. Higer Bus Company has received the honor of being named "China Top Brand" and "National Inspection-free Product". Higer is also on China's Top 500 Most Valued Brands. Higer Bus Company is the fastest growing company in China's bus industry.

The World's 3rd Largest Manufacturer of Coaches and Buses

Higer is the world's 3rd largest bus manufacturer. Their sales in 2009 exceeded Scania, Volvo and MAN combined! Higer employs over 7,000 staff and produces 26,000 units a year. Higer is established in over 40 countries. The Higer Bus Company also produce the bodies for the Swedish based company Scania, which is a stamp of approval confirming the quality of the buses manufactured by the Higer Bus Company.

About Higer Luxury Coaches and Buses

Higer Bus and Coaches main focus is on safety, durability, comfort, value for money and luxury. The Higer bus is perfect for any market including tourism and transfers. Higer Bus and Coach are known for their competitive pricing and high attention to quality. They are renowned for their great value for money, comfort and elegant features.

Its rear mounted engine, full air suspension and advanced safety features, makes the journey in a Higer bus more comfortable and luxurious experience.

KLQ6920Q as a Luxury Tourist Coach

For tourism companies the Higer bus is an excellent choice. It is priced very competitively and has many feature rich finishes that tourist companies find attractive. The luxury of the coach make intercity travelling and tourism excursions a pleasure. Its rear mounted engine, full air suspension and advanced safety features, makes the journey in a Higer bus more comfortable and safe experience. Delight your customers with USB charger ports on every seat, 2 motorized 19" LCD screens and a full DVD and PA system for presentations and videos. Toilet is also available as option. Seating layouts range from 26 seats to 36 seats with different combinations. Read more about the KLQ6920Q as a 26 seater bus.

KLQ6920Q as a School Bus

The price and safety features of the Higer bus make it an attractive choice for schools. The bus can be configured to seat 36 passengers plus the driver. Read more about the KLQ6920Q as a 36 seater bus.

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Higer Luxury Coaches and Buses

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Higer Bus and Coach


  • Competitively priced
  • High quality and durable finishes
  • Outstanding comfort for passengers and driver
  • Advanced safety features
  • Spares with expert advice and ongoing technical support

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