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Super-Air Climatizer

The Super Air Climatizers are designed with the highest standards of quality, providing comfort to the driver of your truck, bus, van, tractor, harvester or industrial vehicle.

The Super Air Climatizer is one of the best and most efficient climatizers in the market, keeping the internal temperature of the cabin 8°C lower than the external environment!  In addition to keeping the air fresh and new, the Super Air Climatizer eliminates driver fatigue and is environmentally friendly as it does not require gas in order to operate.

How does the Super Air Climatizer Work?

The operation of the Super Air Climatizer is very simple. It captures the outside air and passes the air through a filter that is kept wet with water pumped from the external tank. The air is then distributed through the cabin, reducing the temperature inside.

The Super Air Climatizers are used in vehicles subject to severe conditions of use, such as crops, sugar cane, fields and forests. The climatizer is made of components with high resistance, with a special filtration system, for retention of dust, insects, leaves and small particles, and an activated charcoal filter (optional), which holds the toxic gases of agricultural defensives, issued during the sprays.

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  • Easy to install, maintain and operate
  • Increases ventilation and cooling
  • Remote control capability
  • Select up to 10 fan speeds
  • Indicator light if lack of water in the water tank
  • Adjustable air diffusers according to the needs of the driver and passengers
  • Power obtained from vehicle battery, with a consumption similar to radio / CD
  • Economic fuel consumption, compared to air conditioners
  • Can be used with the vehicle off
  • Does not dry the air, thereby avoiding possible health risks
  • Works without the need of gases such as refrigerants
  • Environmentally friendly
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